Ten Epic Dog Videos

Woof really fell into a You Tube hole trying to find these for you, so please enjoy. Most were picked because of sheer talent, cuteness, ridiculousness, or because after watching them countless times, they’re still hilarious.

10. Sing Like No One is Watching- Johann Sebastian Bark is at it again. Wondering where we can download the lyrics.

9. Buddha the Skateboarder- Move over Tony Hawk, Buddha is in the house. You can follow him on instagram @buddha.bulldog.

8. Surfing Dogs- Well, it’s the summertime and the surf’s up. Check out this compilation of surfing dogs.

7. Bath time funnies

6. An Incredible Transformation- Watch as this abandoned dog with severe mange who has nearly given up on life becomes a beautiful, playful pup again. Oh the feels!

5. Animals Taking Care of Other Animals- A bear rescuing a bird, a cat rescuing a fish? Amazing.

4. Dog Sprays Owner With Hose- Guessing this pup was sent to his crate after this stunt.

3. Best Birthday Dog Surprise- The title speaks for itself. This dog hit the jackpot on this birthday!

2. Dogs Welcoming Their Hooman Soldiers Home- Again with the feels!

1. Ultimate Dog Tease- And we round out our top 10 with the video that has graced the internet more times then well just about any video. Somehow a guy and a dog made a brilliant video about maple flavored bacon. Enjoy!





  1. Woof,
    I have family dogs named Romeo and Juliet. They love to play, but here’s the problem.
    Our oldest daughter continues to send so many toys for our oldest pup, Romeo. He’s running out of room and can’t find enough corners to hide his newest toys from his sister, Juliet.
    We need your advice!


    A. Burke

    • Haha well geez. I wander if Romeo would find that to be a problem. In our opinion one can never have too many toys. Also, if you asked Romeo, his solution would likely be very simple- get rid of the other dog 😺

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