Raise money for dogs while you walk, run, and hunt Pokemon!

Courtesy of Walk for a Dog
I am SO excited about this! Ever wanted to help pups but weren’t sure how? Ever started an exercise routine, but couldn’t stay motivated enough to stick to the program? Well now you can go about your usual routine and help benefit a cause bigger than yourself.

Walk for a Dog is a smartphone app (available on iPhone and Android) that allows you to fund-raise for the shelter or animal organization of your choice while you are going about your regular activity. The app itself is great because once you open it, it will seamlessly run in the background and continue to track your walk so you can easily switch to a fitness application, play music, take a phone call- whatever you would normally do, and have that time/distance counted.

Getting started is really easy! First download the app.

Courtesy of Walk for a Dog
Courtesy of Walk for a Dog
Then register for an account. Next, you’ll want to activate your account by clicking on the email confirmation that will be sent to you. After that, you will be ready to go!

The account will ask you to “add a dog.” It will ask you for a picture of him/her. Below that you can click to change the name of the organization you are benefiting. If you aren’t familiar with any of them, just pick one. All of the organizations benefit worthy animal shelters.


When you’re ready to go, hit “start walking.” When you are finished, you can hit “stop walking” or you can “slide to pause.” If your phone detects inactivity for a certain period of time, the app will pause itself. If you have been inactive for a significant period of time, be sure to go back into the app and resume your walk.

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The app will even show you how many people are walking for your foundation of choice, as well as how many miles have been walked in total.

To remain an “active walker” you must walk at least once a week. The amount of money the organization receives is dependent upon the number of active walkers in the group, and the distance walked. In order to find out how much money was contributed for any given period, you have to contact that shelter or organization directly.

Don’t worry- if you don’t have a dog, you can still participate! After enrolling, select the “Walk for Cassie” option. Or, you could just create your favorite fictional dog character, upload his picture, and be good to go. Or, you could just upload Woof’s picture, and walk in his honor of course.

If you have any other questions, you can go to the Walk for a Dog FAQ. If you are a shelter or animal organization that would like to become a beneficiary, you can go here to fill out an application.

Check out these dogs simultaneously playing Pokemon Go and raising money for their fellow furry friends!

Instagram- Courtesy of Katie
Instagram- Courtesy of All Our Friends




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