Duke, a Great Pyrenees, celebrates re-election as mayor

Courtesy of WDAY via CNN

Courtesy of WDAY via CNN
Courtesy of WDAY via CNN

Yup, you heard me right. No, our country hasn’t gone completely bonkers. I think most of us are just sick of the broken promises made by every politician who traipses into office these days. And apparently, the people of Minnesota located in the small town of Cormorant are too.

Yesterday, Duke celebrated another victory and will soon begin his third term as Mayor of Cormorant. Residents in the small town couldn’t be more excited and voted to re-elect him in the largest landslide to date.

Since being elected to office in 2014 he has appeared on several billboards and has worked to promote various events and causes in the community.

Duke the Dog/Facebook
Courtesy of Duke the Dog/Facebook
Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time an animal has been elected to office- ever heard of Mayor Clay Henry? Google him. If you came across a beer drinking goat, then you found the right guy. I’m guessing he may have been the only one on the ballot at the time.
Any who, we couldn’t be any happier for Duke. After much thought, I’ve figured out my write in for the upcoming presidential election.
Can’t get enough of Duke? Neither can we. Follow Duke’s adventures and hamburger eating shenanigans on his Facebook page here.



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