Everything dog 9/19/16- Dog People, Dancing Groomers & A Pup Searching for New Paws

Romeo, dining out with your dog

I hope everyone’s week has been delightful 🙂 Ours has! I need to start by giving a couple shout outs. First is to Petsmart. We always enjoy our trips here.

Romeo, Dog picking out toy, Petsmart, dog shopping

Well munchkin decided he was going to grab an extra toy while I wasn’t paying attention.

Romeo, dog, shopping, petsmart, poodle

Luckily the Petsmart employee was understanding, or else Mr. Romeo would have already been booked on shoplifting charges. And something tells me this poodle wouldn’t do so well in the slammer.

Romeo, dining out with your dog

This is the cute little pumpkin he tried to steal. I think I’m going to punish him by dressing him up for Halloween this year! This is Romeo at Rouge, our new favorite restaurant in Philly. Best burger ever, and we had a great waitress who absolutely catered to Romeo. And just in case Romeo didn’t like our waitress enough, she brought him bacon!

Romeo, dining with your dog, philadelphia, rouge, bacon

Now for our weekly round up!

Adorable Groomer Caught Dancing With Pup

Admit it, you worry about your dog when you drop him off at the groomers. We’ve all heard horror stories about grooming incidences. How do you know if your dog is going to be treated well behind closed doors?

Well, owners who take their pooches to pet shop Perrito Feliz in Buenos Aries need not worry- your dog will be pampered.

DIY bows and bow-ties for dogs

Image result for diy bow tie for dog
Courtesy of Good Dogs & Co

Can we all just agree how incredibly adorable these are? I will be attempting to make one for Romeo. Good Dogs & Co has a great tutorial here. They actually look quite easy!

13 Things a Dog Person Understands

13 things that a dog person understands

We love this. Especially the part about kling-ons. You’re not a real dog owner until you’ve dealt with a kling-on.

Poncho the Chihuahua Has His Own Room


This lady seized the area under the staircase and got a little crazy. Except I can’t call her crazy- she just loves her dog.

Dog Day Afternoon at Waynesboro, PA Pool 

Holly and Max, dog day afternoon, dog in the pool, dog swimming, waynesboro pool
Courtesy of Roxann Miller

It was a Dog’s Day Afternoon at Northside Pool in Waynesboro, PA. The seventh annual “Dog Day at the Pool” looks like it was an absolute blast!

Melbourne Brewing Beer for Your Pup 

Puppy love: Dogs Bar in Melbourne have started selling a 'Beer Dog Bitter' crafted especially for canines (pictured) 
Courtesy of Amanda Jane Pritchard

The Dog’s Bar in Melbourne is now brewing a cold one that your pup can sip down while you two bond. The beer is perfectly safe for you pup, non-alcoholic, and made from a beef extract based brew.

They are Calling him the Most Responsible Owner Ever

dog-noteImage via Reddit

I’d happen to agree if he wasn’t making his dog listen to Creedence!

Labradoodle Wins Service Dog of the Year

Illinois dog wins Service Dog of the Year award
Courtesy of ABC 7 News

Gander, a Labradoodle from Illinois has helped his owner, veteran Lon Hodge, cope with his PTSD. He was honored in Hollywood this week as Service Dog of the Year. He will now go own to compete with seven other dogs for the title of American Hero Dog.

For more on Gander, or to see the other seven nominated for the award, click here.

Newspaper Finding New Homes for Pups

We just love this story. A Greenville SC Newspaper has started a “Newshound Program.” They welcome newshounds to be their office co-workers, and foster the dog until they can find a home.

Their current foster is Apollo Zeus, a 13 year-old poodle mix who had resided the longest at Greenville County Animal Care at the time they chose him.

Apollo Zeus, weekly round up, greenville sc
Courtesy of Lauren Petracca

Dog with Deformed Paws Awaiting Reconstructive Surgery

Courtesy of Danielle Peterson

Tigger may have congenitally deformed front paws, but his spirit is alive and well. He is currently being fostered while his foster family and others attempt to raise the funds needed for him to undergo the procedure. Read more about his story here.



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