In the doghouses: Luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches

Remember Poncho the Chihuahua with his own room? Never have extravagant doghouses been so popular.

Woof has been scouring the internet for the most extravagant dog cribs in an effort to prove he is the only one without his own room. Maybe one day when we move and finally have more room in the house. Until then, he will be stuck surfing Martha Stewart’s site for ideas and living out his dreams creating pads on The Sims.

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11. Victorian Cottage Kennel Dog House

Victorian dog house, luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches
Courtesy of Wayfair

On sale now for $4,099.99 from $9,199.99! Okay I love my dog too, more than anything but don’t you think this is a bit extravagant? Plus, if you live in Philly like me, this takes up approximately 100% of the back yard. Don’t worry, this post is not about living modestly, and this is the most modest dog house we’re going to show you.

From a practical standpoint, this website (Wayfair) actually has some very affordable normal dog houses if you have disdain for your dog and aren’t willing to drop every dime of your life savings on a house for him.

Back to the houses that your Fido can only dream of…

10. I’ll Have a Dog House With a Jacuzzi on the Side Please

dog house with jacuzzi, luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches

How amazing is this? Unfortunately we can’t seem to find where this originated and don’t have details, but this has to be one of Woof’s favorites.

9. Dogs with Glampers

Glamping, Dogs with Campers, luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches
Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

Wow, does it get any cuter than this? Now your dog can have his/her own Glamper!

This adorable creation from Straight Line Designs, was initially born out of necessity and some forethought. Founder and trained sculptor, Judson Beaumont, previously devoted all of his time to designing and building unique children’s furniture. One day he bought his daughter a dog. He didn’t initially want to build her a dog house, and wasn’t sure how he would keep up the land  or cut the grass around the house. Then, he had an incredible idea- he would build a house with wheels.

And so the dog camper was born.

Straight Line Designs dog campers
Courtesy of Straight Line Designs

8. Paris Hilton’s Dog House

The Ultimate Luxurious Dog Houses, luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches
Paris Hilton/Twitter

I mean really, were you expecting a pile of crap for Paris Hilton’s Dogs? They live in $500,000 Gucci bags the other half of the time for God’s sake.

7. William Peterson’s Dog House

The Ultimate Luxurious Dog Houses

Modeled after the Greenwich Village Condominium Complex, One Jackson is a dog house created by William Peterson for a charity auction.

6. Brick Estate Dog House

luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches

Another winner by Alan Mowrer. This time, get ready to fork over 25 big G’s. Amenities include lighting, A/C, heat, and running water.

5. Celebrity Georgetown Dog House

luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches

If you haven’t noticed, Alan Mowrer has monopolized this list. No one can do it quite like him. He and designer Michelle Pollack create incredible dog houses. Their website says they only use “the best materials”, including detailed wood cabinetry, marble flooring, and mahogany furniture.

According to their site, “Other lavish options include miniature garages with remote control door openers, or a media room so your dog can watch Animal Planet. Each house is designed around your dog’s needs and your space requirements. Some doghouses are large enough to accommodate people, while others are tiny and cozy for smaller breeds.”

I think I’ve officially seen it all…

4. Woof Deck!

How To Make A Roof Top Dog House Deck, luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches

Yes to the roof deck! In fact, if you’re super talented, I’m thinking you can buy a regular dog house and modify it yourself.

This guy from The Whoot walks you through the process. It’s a bit arduous, but he lays out step-by-step, how to build a roof deck (and add the staircase) onto your existing dog house.

3. Taj Mahal Dog House

Custom Dog House | Taj Mahal Dog House | Rockstar Puppy Boutique:
Courtesy of Rock Star Puppy

Head over to Rock Star Puppy, and you too can have your own dog house for $40,000. Jesus Christmas. I’m pretty sure the real thing was built for less.

Well, just in case you have the money and need to justify your spending, consider this: Um never mind, there is no justification. And actually, if you scroll farther you will see that $40k is actually the starting price. I guess the base price you’d call it. Before the building process is begun, you have a consult with the designers, and after deciding on size of the dog, indoor vs outdoor, amenities, etc the blueprints are adjusted to your satisfaction.  At that point money is no object anyway!


2. Victorian Doggy Mansion

Courtesy of LA Times

Tammy Kassis had a Victorian Doggy Mansion built for her dogs, Coco Puff, Chelsea, and Darla. At one point her and her husband were living in a Victorian house themselves and felt the dogs needed their own place. They’ve even moved out of the area and had the 5,000 pound house moved with them.

Courtesy of LA Times

Alan Mowrer, designer for La Petite Mansions, constructed the mini estate- for a pretty penny that is. Kassis estimates the project has cost her over $20k, not surprising when you take into account the actual design, painting, landscaping, furnishing, shipping/transportation costs.

1. Hacienda Dog House

luxurious cribs of spoiled pooches

Click here to read the bio’s of Alan Mowrer and designer, Michelle Pollack. 

Before you go, check out this compilation of homes of the most pampered pooches. Never has being in the dog house been so great!



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