Everything Dog 9/26/16- Fall Treats, Sexist Costumes & Montreal Mayhem

Happy Fall! Let’s ring the season in right with some of our favorites-

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Dog Treats

After making this, Fall won’t just be your favorite season- it will be your dog’s favorite too. Click here for the recipe. And if your dog is wheat/gluten sensitive (personally, I think most dogs are better off gluten-free, just like people) you can sub the wheat flour out for coconut four or rice flour.

peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats
Courtesy of MascaraAndMusings.com

Excitement Over Dog’s Halloween Costumes

Just not the kind you would have hoped for. Now there is a big uproar over our dog’s Halloween costumes being sexist. Seriously America! Seriously?! Petsmart has categorized costumes into those for our female and those for our male dogs. This does not offend me in the least. Is it easier if there is an aisle for each, and I don’t need to weed out the french maid costumes or the frilly pink tu-tu’s when I go look for Romeo’s costume? You betcha!

Dogs in costumes
Courtesy of Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press

I can’t wait until Woof is done with his list of his favorite list of costumes for your pooch. You will find your fair share of prissy costumes, masculine costumes, gender neutral costumes… and just about everything your pooch could ever desire. And don’t worry, we are far less serious about this whole thing. Geez!

Here are Woof’s favorite costumes.

Millennials Choosing Pets Over People

Well I don’t know if they are choosing pets over people per say, but more of today’s millennials have a pet than any generation before them.

Dogs are an incredible source of comfort and companionship. Between a very rocky economy and mountains of student debt, folks are age are putting off marriage, home-ownership and children for longer and longer. And instead they are turning to pet ownership. Not a bad thing, just a different way of living. No matter the lifestyle, our dogs provide us with the love and friendship we crave.

dog in costume, superdog, millennials picking dogs
Courtesy of Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Dog Gets a Second Chance With Deceased Owner’s Parents 

Dog of deceased owner finds new home
Courtesy of Fox59

Reece the Golden Retriever, is getting a new home after her previous owner died. She previously had a happy life in California, but after her owner died, she unfortunately found herself homeless, waiting in a shelter. Luckily for Reece, a friend of the deceased stepped in and made arrangements for Reece to travel to Indiana. Turns out, the lucky pup has found her furever home with the parents of the deceased. The wonderful organization Pilots N Paws have taken care of the transportation.

They are an amazing group by the way. Please go to their site if you are able to donate.

Dog Rescued From 40 Foot Well 

Firefighters were dispatched to Antioch Road in McDonough, GA after a dog was discovered to have fallen down a 40 foot well.

A single firefighter descended to the bottom of the well and was able to bring the dog to the surface. Bless these heroes.

Firefighters perform CPR on a Dog after Rescuing Dog from House Fire 

In another tale of heroism, firefighters in Toledo, OH rescued a dog from a house fire and proceeded to perform CPR on him after he suffered a respiratory/cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, two other dogs were killed in the fire. Rescuers were able to save the one dog. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

See the video here

Firefighters revive dog after deadly house fire. (Source: Berea Fire)
Courtesy of Berea Fire

Learn the basics of performing CPR here.. It is a lifesaving skill every pet lover should know.

Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade Returns Again October 22 

Yes! We have been anxiously awaiting its return. Take a look at pups from past parades. 

Courtesy of The Gothamist


Courtesy of The Gothamist


Courtesy of The Gothamist

Connected Dog Collar acts as GPS and Fitness App 

Woof is looking into this. I think we’ll check it out ourselves and write our own review. This is what you need to know for now.

Image result for smart dog collar

Buster The Kleptomaniac 

You’ve NEVER seen a more adorable thief.

Montreal Just Sentenced Countless Dogs to Death 

We can’t begin to tell you how much this saddens us. Breed specific legislation does NOT work. Woof will be doing his own segment on this soon, and we commend the stance the Montreal SPCA has taken on this.



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