“Joke” Twitter post saves mans’ brother and his dog 

Craig Williams, a Texas resident, was worried sick about his brother, Chris this week after Hurricane Matthew hit.

Chris, a North Carolina resident, was stuck in his house under water with his dog Lana.

hurricane matthew
Courtesy of CBS News

A drone operator actually took the above picture. Craig just happened to be scrolling through the photos on Twitter and joked “At least this isn’t your house, Chris.”

Actually, it turns out the home on the far right was his house. And to make things worse, Chris, a navy veteran, was stuck inside the house with his precious dog Lana who doesn’t know how to swim.

Craig immediately contacted the drone operator, @ImSoFirst, who flagged down a FEMA crew. The FEMA crew immediately rescued Chris and Lana. Their house certainly isn’t ok, but they are. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Belongings can always be replaced. Our people cannot.

I say it’s time to get Lana signed up for swim lessons.



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