Loki the corgi : In our hearts, making us laugh forever

Because RIP just doesn’t feel right. It implies some sort of strange finality. And all of those who’ve lost a dog like Loki know that they leave a footprint in our heart that we will forever carry with us.

It’s been a month since Loki’s passing and we miss his antics. He may be gone from this earth, but his memory, and the joy he brought to millions will never be forgotten. Something tells us that he is in a better place looking dapper in a bow-tie, chasing balls, and eating plenty of treats.

“This is how we will always remember him. Fearless, free, and uninhibited. He was always up for an adventure and could make us smile on the worst of days. His pure heart touched so many, from near and far.”  -Loki’s Family


A few of our favorite memories of him..

That time he got way too swept up in the Pokemon craze

loki dressed as pokemon

That time he had a bit of an identity crisis

Loki corgi as lion

Being the Supercorgi he is

Loki the supercorgi

That time he put together a tutorial for the people of New Jersey

Loki the corgi pumping gas

All the love between Loki and Hammy

Loki corgi and hammy

All of the important life lessons he taught us- the most important of which is to always party like a rock star

Loki corgi partying hard

That time he forgot his limitations and just went with it (short?? says who!)

Loki corgi basketball player

Don’t worry, be happy!

Loki corgi as bob marley

ERMAHGERD! It’s the famous Corgi!

Loki corgi as ERMAHGERD dog


Loki Corgi is fabulous

His parents have done a good job of maintaining his sites in his absence and we still visit frequently. He never fails to make us smile.

On Facebook. On Instagram.

Today in Loki’s memory, play a little longer, laugh a little harder, wear something ridiculous, and take dozens of pictures. We love you Loki, and we are going to remember you exactly like this…you just being fabulous.




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