Everything Dog 10/17/16- Dog War Hero & Wayne’s World Winning

everything dog round up- waynes world costumes

The air is crisp, the leaves are beautiful, and the humidity is no longer stifling. For many of us dog owners, this is our favorite time of year! So here you have it… the best of the rest of everything dog. Enjoy!

Fall treat recipes your dog will love

When you’re chowing down on your Halloween candy, be sure to include your dog in the tasty goodness. But instead of giving him/her junk food that will cause them GI upset, make them something tasty! Some of these would be great for the doggy trick-or-treaters.

10 Recipes your Dog Will Love! 

Paw Print Treats
Paw print dog treats
Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Apple Cheddar Dog Biscuits
Izzy's Apple-Cheddar Dog Biscuits
Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Looking for more recipes? Try making chicken soup for your pup.

Spoiled Retriever Throws Adorable Tantrum

This adorable guy named Rufio decides to throw a full blown tantrum when his owner lets him know that it’s time to leave the pet store.

Life’s not fair buddy, we know the feeling.

To see more of Rufio’s antics: Follow on Instagram & Facebook.

Many Saved- Human and Dog Alike- By Shelters Taking in Entire Families

Everything dog round up : dogs taking shelter during hurricane matthew
Original source unknown

So many people and dogs alike have been saved by the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Previously, owners would have stayed behind with their beloved pets, risking their own lives. Now that many more shelters have become pet friendly, we are seeing a lot fewer people staying behind and in turn, fewer preventable deaths.

Musical About the Legacy of Great American War Hero, Sgt. Stubby, Coming Soon

everything dog round up : Stubby went on to be a lifelong member of the American Legion and the YMCA. When J. Robert Conroy went on to Georgetown University Law School, they made Stubby the mascot. Currently, Georgetown's mascot is some dog named Jack.
Smithsonian National Museum of American History/Loc.gov

Stubby, having fought in 17 battles and eventually winning a purple heart, is the feature of a new musical coming to New York City in mid-November.

For more information on the show and ticket information, you can visit their Facebook page here.

And For the Win… The Woman and her Dog with the Wayne’s World Costumes

Yes, yes, and yes.

everything dog round up- waynes world costumes

If you’re still struggling with the whole costume thing, check out Woof’s favorites!

Penn State Hospital Hires First Full Time Pooch

Kaia, a Golden Retriever, will be the hospital’s first dog on staff, hired for the pediatric department. The dog will be utilized to keep children company during procedures and diagnostic tests.





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