October isn’t just for Halloween, it’s also Adopt a Shelter Dog month

Sure, I love the smell of everything pumpkin. The weather is gorgeous this time of year. You could spend hours on Pinterest putting together the most rad costume for your dog. But let’s not lose sight of one of the more important causes to recognize this October- it’s “Adopt a shelter dog” month.

Every year, an estimated 7.6 million animals wind up in a shelter. Of those, 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Sadly, 2.7 million of these animals will be euthanized. A very sad truth indeed, but it’s not a nasty fact that Americans can just ignore. The most damning part of all of this, is that this is completely preventable. I’ll never understand why so many refuse to neuter/spay their pets.

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I’d go so far as to say though that the vast majority of people do not go out of their way to adopt a dog without their best intentions at heart. So is this an issue of education as opposed to one of bad behavior and intentional negligence? Probably, I suppose.

Those of us who love dogs, know that adoption is a large commitment. You’re saying “yes” for life. Whether it be one year or twenty, you are pledging to care for that animal in sickness and health, regardless of your bank balance or living situation. And in turn, that animal will provide you unconditional love and understanding, even when no human is capable of the same. That simple fact makes adding a dog to the family so worth it.

So maybe instead of coming up with all of the reasons why it’s not the right time or place to get a dog, you should reconsider. That’s not to say of course that if you don’t have the capability of providing an excellent home that you should adopt. Recognize that many rescued animals will require more time and devotion in order to build trust and resolve any behavioral issues they’ve developed from years of neglect and/or abuse. But consider that adopting one of these pups would be that much more rewarding. You’re not only saving the life of that pup, but you may be saving the life of another that now has a place to reside while waiting for their forever home.

DogTime has published some of their favorite adoption stories, and they happen to be some of our favorite too. Check them out! And if you think you may be ready to make the jump, check out a listing of shelters and rescues in your area.


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