Everything Dog 11/1/16- Cottages over cages & Halloween’s best

luvable dog rescue cottages

Toddler found dead after fire breaks out, his dog found huddled by his side

Toddler dead in fire, Dog attempts to protect toddler from fire
Courtesy of Yahoo News

In an incredibly sad turn of events, a toddler has died in Spokane, Washington, after a fire broke out inside his home. Two adults and three other children escaped the blaze, but the child remained trapped. By the time rescuers arrived, it was too late. The child was found next to his melted, metal bedframe, a teddy bear, and his beloved dog, a terrior mix, who authorities believe stayed behind in an attempt to protect the child from the blaze. Unfortunately there is no happy ending here, though the love and loyalty dogs demonstrate never ceases to amaze me.

Dog in Philadelphia hailed as hero, after saving owner from a house fire

In what looks to be a happier story, an 80 lb chow/retriever mix’s actions have been described as heroic. When a fire broke out in the home of  Andrea Bulat in the early morning hours, it was her dog Che that barked vigorously until neighbors awakened. Neighbors called for help after finding her home engulfed in flames. When rescuers arrived, they found Bulat unconscious with Che laying on top of her, which likely prevented her from sustaining further burns to her torso.

Bulat remains in critical condition. The 10 year-old pup, Che is hospitalized as well as a result of injuries and smoke inhalation.

Adorable dogs of the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

 Everything dog, tompkins parade
Courtesy of Kristina Wilson/NY Mag


 Everything dog, tompkins parade
Courtesy of Kristina Wilson/NY Mag


 Everything dog, tompkins parade
Courtesy of Kristina Wilson/NY Mag


 Everything dog, Tompkins parade
Courtesy of Kristina Wilson/NY Mag


 Everything dog, Tompkins parade
Courtesy of Kristina Wilson/NY Mag

A shelter that gives cottages instead of cages

The Luvable Dog Rescue doesn’t believe that dogs should be uncomfortably caged while they wait for their forever homes. The rescue spans 55 acres of land and includes meadows, hiking trails and forest.

luvable dog rescue oregon
Courtesy of PupJournal

The space inside these cottages are far more like bedrooms than cages, each containing comfortable furniture, artwork and a beautiful view.

Luvable dog shelter cottage
Courtesy of Luvable Dog Rescue

They call it a “magical place for dogs”, and we can see why.

Here, you can see the dogs up for adoption. You can also visit their site to read more about their cause, or make a donation to the wonderful people who run the organization.

The worthy organization has also been featured on Inside Edition recently.

Dogs who love Fall

Dogs who love fall
Courtesy of Dog Breath Photography

And finally, check out these very photogenic pups loving the fall season.




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