The Goldendoodle- America’s next first dog?

Patton the Goldendoodle

Rumors continue to swirl that Patton, a Goldendoodle pup, may become America’s next first dog. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump will be sworn into office on January 20th. And should the Trump family remain dog-less, they will be the only first family in 150 years that isn’t owned by a pet.

Perhaps the busy days of being on the campaign trail aren’t the most dog friendly, but now that they are slated to settle into the White House it’s time they consider adding a furry friend. Lois Pope, a philanthropist in Florida who has known the Donald for decades, thinks so too. She is currently taking care of the pup and showed a picture of him to the family while attending a Thanksgiving event at their home.  Rumor has it, Trump’s 10 year-old-son Barron caught wind of the whole thing and is clamoring to meet the little guy.

Courtesy of Lois Pope

The reality of politics and always being in the spotlight is a harsh one, and we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Lauren Wright- Donald Trump really needs to get a dog! 

Unconditional love is of course the greatest benefit of being a dog owner. Not that a little positive press coverage and a slightly more relatable Donald wouldn’t hurt his cause.

And Patton would certainly be White House worthy- we are told he comes from a lineage of hero dogs that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He’s a puppy worthy of the presidency”, Ms. Pope said.



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