Dogs celebrating National Love Your Pet Day!

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! I hope your pooches had as wonderful of a day as ours did.


Truth be told, he’s so darn spoiled, he probably didn’t know today was a holiday….

No one seems to know why we celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on February 20th, but it seems fit we devote a day every year to celebrating our beloved pets.

Here are some dogs around the net who got a little crazy celebrating…

We’re waiting to hear what you have planned for our special day (It better be good)…

Submitted by Erica Lambert to WXYZ

I’m going to require a DD to pick me up after the celebrations

Sammy, St. Patrick's Day Dog
Submitted by Robyn Casman to WXYZ

I’ll have one of each please

National love your pet day, dog in bakery
Submitted by Deborah de Halle to WXYZ

You can come back down now…

National love your pet day
Submitted by Sally to WXYZ


These dogs have their spa day at The Salty Paw

National Love Your Pet Day- the Salty Paw
Courtesy of The Salty Paw

The Salty Paw“, voted best groom spa in NYC, offers grooming, paw-di-cures, spa treatments, Mohawks, and dye jobs (all colorants used are non-toxic).  They started offering color treatments after Isaac Mizrahi requested the poodles in his show receive a color treatment to match his fall collection.
Not Woof’s thing but hey… these dogs look perfectly content and appear to be enjoying themselves.

Can you say high maintenance?

Can you say high maintenance?
Submitted by Emilee Earhart to WXYZ

I’m not seeing that name on the guest list…

Birthday hat dog
Unknown source submitted to WRIC

Today this is our house. You shall not pass.

Powhatan pups submitted to WRIC

Dinner is served, your hinus

Anonymous source submitted to WRIC


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