DIY toy boxes your dog will love

Dog Toy Box

I don’t know about your dog, but Woof lives to play. The Amazon Prime delivery guy has become his best friend. But one day we found ourselves with toys scattered all over the house, tripping over them left and right. I didn’t really find any toy boxes I liked online and decent wooden crates were going for 50-100$ which I thought was ridiculous for something I was just going to paint over anyways.

So we went to Wally World, got 2 cheap wooden crates for <10$, fastened them together, and painted them. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Dog Toy Box

Here are some of our favorite toy boxes we found around the web- all easy enough to DIY! Even if you don’t make the exact box, hopefully these will provide you with a little inspiration…

Personalized wooden crates


Dog Toy Box More:

These are up for sale on D is for Dog  (I do love them)! But this isn’t something you couldn’t manage with a wooden crate, some non-toxic paint and some good stencils.

DIY dog toy box

Look at this beautiful one done by Dog Mom Days! If you don’t trust yourself to stencil, this is the perfect way to get around that. Pick up some wooden letters at any major craft store, paint them, and hot glue them on when dry.

Image result for dog toy boxes

This is another beautifully done toy box that can be purchased, but would be feasible to do yourself. The photo was printed onto a plaque before being glued to the box. Many websites online can personalize photo plaques for you, including Walgreens.

Another dog toy box:

Just another adorable toy box. If you’re like me, and couldn’t paint a straight line to save your life, be sure to invest in some painters tape! Craft cuts has a ton of different cut outs (different breeds, in different materials) that can be ordered. For the purposes of this project, we recommend sticking with wood.

Just as an example, here is a Beagle shaped cut out-

Beagle Craft Shape

A bone cut out-

Bone Craft Shape

And best of all, they’re under 1$. Plenty of other craft stores offer similar cut outs, we just like the wide variety to pick from and we are more of the online shopping type.

They did what with cardboard?

Image result for dog toy boxes

Talk about upcycling! All you need is a cardboard box, some paint, a piece of fabric, and a hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the cardboard.

Plastic “party tub” and viola!

Image result for dog toy boxes

These crafty kids bought a plastic “beverage party tub” from Walmart and made it magical with a few sticker decals. Awesome job Kirby!

Image result for dog toy boxes

Can be purchased via Pampered Paw Gifts, or you can pick up one of these plastic tubs and give it a go yourself!





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