Dogs who are done with this whole dress up thing

How many pet owner’s can honestly say they have never played dress up with their pet? Not many. We dress our dogs up for  many reasons. For one, we see them as being a member of the family, and we enjoy including them in the celebration of holidays and various events. Not to mention, we love picking out adorable outfits that accentuate the  individual personalities of each of our pups.

We may love it, but these pups are having absolutely none of it!

I’m hideous. You would be too wearing a picnic table cloth.

Dog in picnic cloth
Source unknown


I’d apologize to this poor pup, but I doubt she’d be able to hear me

dog in winter
Source unknown

Dressed like directing traffic is his full time job

dog angry to be dressed up, yellow bandanna
Source unknown

At least I can’t hear you talking anymore

Custom knit dog hat, dog hoodie, pet scarf, pet clothes, dog cowl
Etsy/Fruit of Phalanges

Even Uncle Sam had better taste than this

Uncle Sam Hat and Beard Dog Costume

I will see to it that you get nothing but coal this year

Dog in Christmas sweater

I’m about to fly this sleigh right into a ditch

Dog reindeer
Source unknown

Lady-like my @$$

Angry dog in dress
Source unknown


No additional captions necessary

angry dressed up dog, pumpkin


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife… I’m out for revenge

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife
Source unknown

You will pay for this

Easter bunny dog
Source unknown

Just FYI, I do not appreciate being objectified like this

dog in cheerleader outfit
Source Unknown


We hope you enjoyed this (at the expense of all these poor dogs). If you can’t get enough of stylish pooches, check out Halloween Costumes for all Dogs Great and Small.




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