These Dog Dads Deserve a Treat this Father’s Day

Golden retrievers with dad

Father’s Day- the holiday celebrating parenthood that is done with less enthusiasm and vigor than Mother’s Day.

For some reason, fathers always seem to get gypped this time of year. Maybe there is less interest because there isn’t much money to be made by the major retailers (ie: 1800 Flowers and Hallmark). Whatever the reason, make sure you call Dad and thank him for helping you become the person you are today.

Now sit back, relax, think of all of Dad’s shortcomings, and enjoy these fabulous Dog Fathers… 

Here’s to Dad

For sticking around even when way more pups showed up than initially planned

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For knowing when to defer to Mom.
Image result for dog dad and puppy

For disciplining us when we needed it and teaching us right from wrong.
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You passed on your manners, for better or for worse.
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You’ve been there for holidays, birthdays, and have watched us grow.
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For making us change out of that horrifying outfit that would have ended up plastered all over the internet.
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You always encouraged us to chase after our dreams.
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And to do what makes us happy.
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And for that, we hope this Father’s Day is as cool as you are.
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Thanks Dad.



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