Our doggo’s very first trip to the beach

First and foremost, our beach trip with the pups has been amazing. For those of you who don’t know, our woofer is 11 (you’d never know it, he’s as crazy and playful as ever).

But eleven birthdays and a cancer diagnosis later, we decided that not only did we need a break, but we needed to include him in this years getaway. So off to Emerald Isle, North Carolina we went.

Palm tree

Yes, it’s gorgeous. And very dog friendly (I think NC in general is one of the most dog friendly places I’ve ever been).

Ok so it turns out that it’s hard to convince a dog 11 years old that water is a fun thing. Should’ve known since bath time at home requires an army of people trying to keep him in the tub!

This is as close to the water as you’ll see him (No, I did not actually have a  camera lens wide enough to get him and water in the same picture). He wouldn’t go near the stuff.

What he did absolutely love is the screened in porch on the house we rented.

It was Romeo’s turn to make dinner- he decided on Octopus. The complexity of his refined palate continues to surprise me.

One thing Mr. Tough guy isn’t used to? The crazy tropical storms. All in all we got very lucky with the weather, but one night it rained cats and dogs.. (see what we did there)? He found a thunderbuddy in Dad (trying to do the dishes at the time) and boxed him in so that he couldn’t leave!

Our last day at the beach just happened to be National Ice Cream day, and Woofer was so happy to participate in the celebrations.

And reason #9999 why I love him: He’s my spirit animal. He enjoys every moment to the fullest. Don’t believe me?

Here he is at work. Taking down one bubble at a time like the soap suds they are.



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