Canine Nutrition:

Concerned about your pups health but not sure where to start? Know you want to do better than the drab food you’ve always fed him? Well, you’re at the right place. To best guide you, select the statement that best describes you.

I’m new to this whole thing and I’m overwhelmed. Where do I even start?

         We Will Explore: What’s in many commercial dog foods, and why it may be making your dog sick; What are my alternatives?; Does it really matter what I feed my dog?

I’ve started doing some research. I want to read more about K9 nutrition 101 and I want to make some changes in my dog’s diet. 

         We Will Explore: Determining your dog’s nutritional requirements; Quality dry dog foods; How many calories does my dog need?

I want to learn more about cooking for my dog.

We Will Explore: The basics of cooking for you dog; The essentials of k9 crock pot cooking.

Tell me more about going Raw.

My dog has a special condition, what should I know?

We Will Explore: The dog with cancer, the dog with food allergies/intolerances, the dog with joint/bone disease, the dog with kidney disease.

Tell me about vitamins, minerals and supplements. 

I want to know more about nutrition through the ages. 

We Will Explore: The differing nutritional needs of the puppy and the senior dog. 

I want some recipies!